The story starts in my backyard.

Autumn is beautiful in my backyard, but when I have to bend over a hundred times an hour to force leaves into 40 trash bags, the beauty is outweighed by the pain and fatigue I feel after the fact. One day I saw a neighbor using two rakes to pick up his leaves so he wouldn’t have to bend over. It looked awkward using two separate rakes and immediately I realized if I designed handles similar to large ice tongs and replaced the sharp end with rakes, I could create a comfortable to use device with an incredible capacity for grabbing and removing leaves and lawn debris. Although it started out as just an idea, this past fall I designed my new device and was able to pick up all my leaves in less time than ever before without any bending! Thanks to the Ultimate Leaf Lifter, I don’t have to worry about picking up leaves anymore and I want to share my invention with everyone!


-Bruce Feldman, Inventor
JBM Design LLC d/b/a
The Ultimate Leaf Lifter